I Been There


I been to South Bend and North Troy,
Boston and Houston, too.
I been in a city where I found a street
by that name, only they pronounce it House-ton.

But it was never home,
‘cause, you know…

I been to London—the little one in England, New,
and the famous one in England, Olde.
I been lost in the Sierras and Adirondacks,
Montreal and Jersey, too.

But they was never home,
‘cause, you know…

And I been in your head and you in mine,
peeked through the windows of our souls,
bounced upon each other’s hearts
like beds in the lonely dark.

And I thought they was gonna be home,
‘cause, you know…

A rambling lunchtime piece about a rambling (and lost , from the looks of it) poet guy. poet and guy.

33 thoughts on “I Been There

  1. You seem to be the original “rambling man”, sir; terrific piece for a lunchtime plunge, I must say. Home is where the heart is, they say, and perhaps they’re right. I like how you cleverly shift from the geographical to the personal; nice job.

  2. Aw, gee. I know it is the righ instinct to find home in person rather than place, Churches seem to answer for many–the people, not the building. I so expected the last verse to have revealed HOME.

  3. Reminds me of a Paul Young song from the 80’s Wherever I lay my hat. I’ve lived in many houses and apartments, in many towns, cities and countries, but for me, home is where the special people are, no matter what the outside environment is.

  4. Can fully empathise, as a person who finds it hard to define ‘home’ or glibly claims that ‘home is anywhere’. But it’s not, and you render that ambiguity so well. I also like the hesitant repetition – very English…

  5. I love this ramble – I think I’ve been all those places too (lucky us) – i found many joys in my journeys but unlike you (although I can’t seem to shake everything I hate and love and hate again about Texas) I touched home in London (England) and it calls to me daily and says, “it’s still not too late to move house, you know”.

    Thanks for stopping by my place Joe. Appreciate your comments and know there’s lots of editing to be done on it. Gets harder for me to write these days and I’m not entirely sure why – lots of excuses, none the real truth I suspect.

  6. where ever i lay my hat, that’s my home… humming… smiles… but yeah… it’s never places, it’s the people that makes those places special… home for me is always connected to the people i love… great piece joe

  7. “peeked through the windows of our souls,
    bounced upon each other’s hearts
    like beds in the lonely dark.” oh Joe… those feelings enter… and thankfully pass in time… making space for bouncing on beds with joyful hearts and souls entwined.

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