Praying for Echoes

I shout into the dark,
sometimes whisper too,
when I pick up this pen
to tell myself something
I didn’t know until after I did.
To anyone watching,
they would see this
as a near-silent endeavor,
save for the scratching
on the page, fingers tapping
on keyboard, the snorts and sighs
of me on life, and the laugh of life
upon us all.
The pen and paper,
keyboard and computer,
the very breath of creation,
are tools with which I call out
to no one but myself.
But deep within
lone and lonely me,
I pray someone hears
my echo.

Another 100-word drabble/poem. A 10-minute free-written thing for my friend Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday feature. This time it’s based on an Apple computer TV ad, courtesy of Walt Whitman and the film Dead Poets Society. I thought I recognized Old Walt’s voice, but I’ve never seen the movie. Doesn’t matter. They all prodded this poem out of me in a great rush.

Shared with my friends at dVerse Poets Pub for Open Link Night

35 thoughts on “Praying for Echoes

  1. Love it! Your free writes are always amazing! I love the new iPad commercials and…you should watch Dead Poet Society someday. As a lover of words and poetry, it is one of my all time favorites.

  2. The wait as the pebble falls, for reflecting echos to rise upon decaying walls, if then one jumps in with both feet, on such hopes to find the source, to be sure the river’s water shall flow reflection free its course, in writing deep, in words, lines free thought.

    A pondering while reading above, and… How To Make Gravy (a song I listened to live once, by a man I met once a long time ago).

  3. I love those poems that I start with just a simple thought and then it leads me on its own and takes me to an ending I did not expect…or tells me something I didn’t know. Those are the best. And this is the best too, Joe 🙂
    Happy to see you again! xoxox

  4. “to tell myself something I didn’t know until after I did”- That says it all. I liked how you expressed the writing process… because yes, we call to our lonely selves within through these words.

  5. I got lost in the shuffle trying to link on to Kellie’s site; thanks for introducing me to FWP; only issue for me is that very few seemed to find it & read it; considered posting it on OLN, but decided to keep going with my BLACKTHORNE series; post your nudging, brother.

  6. You are not shouting in the dark, Joe – we hear you loud and clear and love it.
    As for these lines:
    when I pick up this pen
    to tell myself something
    I didn’t know until after I did.
    Well, they describe my whole reason for writing poetry perfectly!

  7. 33 comments. I’d say this voice is heard and that the experience is shared. I liked stepping out to describe what others see before coming to the prayer.

  8. This poem really spoke to me about the whole journey of the writer. It’s our way of expressing ourselves and hoping someone will listen to us, hear us. Beautiful write Joe and you are certainly heard from your audience at dVerse.

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