Ice in the Blood

blood winter wallpaper

It’s not winter cold I sense
shifting the form of my blood
from liquid to solid. I feel
crystals of plasma and the cells
clink and link with one another
in the freezing cold
within my sweater and vest.
Perhaps bundled in
suitable-for-shipping layers
of fluff and flannel insulates
this cold old heart,
sluggishly pumping its slush of life,
since no longer are you here
to stoke the flames
of its imaginings. You know,
the ones I’d walk through for you
each day, head swiveling, sensing all
in the ninety-eight degree heat
that lit this pen with which
I brand a world.

Shared with my friends at dVerse Poets for the Feb. 4, 2014 Open Link Night, where I’m tending bar. At least I know I have sufficient ice, eh?

33 thoughts on “Ice in the Blood

  1. emotive words, describing so well the feeling of loss, the need to share a thought or view with the ‘one’ person you miss. You turn , and for an instance ’tis as if they’re there. xx

  2. so poignant… so vivid… you must go, and walk through that world, as if she were by your side once again, you will see her there in those fabulous imaginings.

    and get well soon!

  3. This poem fits in so well with a book I’ve just finished reading – The Investigation by Korean writer Jung-Myung Lee. Ostensibly a war or prison tale or a mystery, it is in fact all about poetry and clinging to beauty in the face of inhumanity and destruction. The Korean prisoners in the Japanese camp are facing an endless winter and the ice on their bodies and in their hearts is similar to what you describe here.

  4. I had this human exhaustion..about six or more years 47..where
    100 degree heat..and a breeze chilled me to the bone..
    i thought to myself… this is what middle age feels like..oh no..
    i was never cold before..but did not realize humans could wear themselves out
    before it is time to rest either…

    And it is true that normally humans generate energy in the Winter to release it to the rest of the Universe..and instead of Hurricane in the Summer..
    the human is another Sun on earth to release heat to warm
    the Winter Sun…

    And then the Summer comes..and it’s best friend the return the favor..and give us the LOVE of Sun to warm our bones..until it’s our turn to give back…

    Well my Sun is the Winter..

    And i do truly not know how long it will last .. on this orbit..

    But i like to think..hope and faith..

    That i can give that gift of Sun..for a lot longer..
    Or for which ever comes first..the heat
    or cold…

  5. Ah, loss has so many forms doesn’t it? I didn’t realise that the loss of my dad would make a whole section of my life disconnect and I am still struggling how to work it back in. It begs the question of my motivation in the first place, which then makes me question was I doing it for the ‘right’ reasons? And who determines what is ‘right’? This has evoked some powerful thoughts for me – and I wish you well.

  6. Wow. The pain of loss is felt with such heartbreaking intensity. The extended description of your blood now icy and frozen, devoid of warmth and sparkling life, is so deep and cutting. It’s easy to wither away and freeze up when those who warmed us best, suddenly disappear. I love the poem!

  7. “this cold old heart,
    sluggishly pumping its slush of life,
    since no longer are you here
    to stoke the flames
    of its imaginings”
    Wow!What fabulous writing-am totally in awe!

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