Writer’s Lament


Today I felt like I emptied out
my whole damn bag, reached in
and grabbed nothing but burlap.
This happens from time to time,
but it occurs more and more
these days. These nights.

They’re the empty windows I see
as the train of fictive thought
blows past me in the dark.
No faces, no people, no stories,
just a dizzying necklace of  lights
with no illumination.

We all go through these long nights
of emptiness, no feeling, no sense.
And just before I throw the hopeless,
helpless sack against the wall,
I felt this thing stuck in the weave…

Here’ s my (hopefully final) sickbed poem, a 100-word Drabble, in response to a Word Bank prompt from my friend, the talented Kellie Elmore. Kellie said I could use any or all of these words — train – burlap – fiction – pearls – vertigo — or use them as inspiration. As usual, I took the biggest bite. Free Write Friday with the flu, baby. Don’t try this at home.


6 thoughts on “Writer’s Lament

  1. I liked the hopeful, light ending, and the ease of the previous stanzas.

    Being a poet myself, I found this to be very enjoyable!

    I’m also a freelance editor, and I do critiques on most writing, including poetry. I’d love to have you submit a few pieces and offer you my feedback (since poems tend to be short, it’d be extremely inexpensive). I can give you a free sample critique for this piece if you’d like. Just get in touch.

    PS: I promise I didn’t comment with my services in mind, but as I began commenting, it felt right! As a lover of poetry, I’m trying to find more poet clients after all. 🙂

    Take care!

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