A Thing for Words’ 3rd Birthday

Birthday cake 1

Today marks the third birthday of this little corner of the WWW called A Thing for Words. It was born of a desire to share my writing with other writers, but has grown into something even greater than than that. It’s become a home.

If you had walked up to me three years and a month ago and said I would one day be the proprietor of an Internet presence upon which I’d have hung something like 350 pieces of writing in 36 months (more than 300 of which would be poems, for God’s sake!), I would have laughed at you. And I didn’t laugh much back then. I’d never believe I would venture into the pirate seas of the blogosphere. However, even squirrelier, there is no way I could see myself writing 300-some poems…ever.

As I prepared to touch pen to paper in drafting (As usual, One-Take Hesch on the job) this bouquet to A Thing for Words, it came to me that I may have built this house, painted, papered and peopled it with my scribbles and blood-drop dribbles, but it’s been YOU who have made it a home. Because of you, my kind and generous readers, there is a pulse in the body of of this place. Your visits, “likes” and comments keep me at this exercise in therapeutic phlebotomy I try to conduct a couple or so times a week. Thank you for helping me find Me.

And so, friends, here I raise my glass of virtual brew on the occasion of the third birthday of our place together out here in the scary old World Wide Wilderness. You have made it a less scary place. You’ve helped make it home. Now, who wants cake?


9 thoughts on “A Thing for Words’ 3rd Birthday

  1. Some people have a natural gift for writing, and you are surely one of them. Your words have always spoken to me. Happy 3rd birthday to your blog, Joe!! Keep those wonderful words coming, my friend! I’ll be reading! Now, I’ll have a bite of that cake too, please!

  2. Many good wishes on 3rd Birthday of “A thing for words” which has by now become a blog that I simply would not want to miss. I look forward to this wonderful association with your creative out-pour.

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