Each day I enter this mysterious place,
where a wizard looks at the magical amulet
around my neck, almost a cameo
of my younger self, and waves me
into this Domain of Invisibility.

While I walk unseen these dark hallways,
its inhabitants shuffle their papers,
or peer inside up-tipped coffee cups.
But mostly they focus upon the wall
directly behind me, like I was
the lens of a spectacle.

I sit in a magic cell where people
walk by and must never see me,
otherwise I’m sure they’d say so.
I receive their messages in their magic eye
upon my desk, sitting, staring at me all day.

I return each day for the miracle of
that small bit of money which appears
in my bank account each fortnight,
and the other where a piece of mortgage
disappears each month.

But soon, I must leave this place
for the open world. Invisibility’s taken a toll
upon this old man. I wish to spend more time
with those who concentrate their warmth
of vision, touch and voice upon me.

I’m not so sure it will be an easy change
from my transparent way, to
this someday life of opacity,
but it will only be for a short time.

Soon enough I’ll be invisible again,
when all of the others around me
will be invisible too.

15 thoughts on “Transparent

  1. i think work life in a way can have that isolating character – we disappear into another world – i have lots of wonderful colleagues though and it’s good to see and be there for each other – couldn’t make it otherwise – hope you’ll manage that jump into the visible joe

  2. Joe, the first time I read this, I understood the references to work (particularly wonderful reference to the cameo of my former self) and the second time I read it, I understood the closing. What I’m trying to say is that your clean writing is nuanced. Such talent!

  3. invisibility will take its toll on us…i dont have that luxury as a teacher now…but when i worked corporate world…i was another number until something was needed…ha…not being seen though, you start to lose something…

  4. it is intriguing to me that in one meaning, transparent and invisible seem the same…while it’s other meaning sit in contradiction to invisible.

    ignoring that conundrum, I like the description of your world at the start…very neat.

  5. Hopefully, the change from invisible to visible will bring a nice change. I know the feeling as I work full time and sometimes I feel like no one listens to me and I wonder why???

  6. work life can make you feel like you’re just another replaceable employee – nothing special… that feeling can sometimes drag along with you out the door at the end of the day… ugh

    • A friend of mine taught me the perfect word for this feeling, Anthony…we’re fungible. Interchangeable, replaceable. In my case, there will just be a hole when I leave. Feel like a spaceholder for a few years now. Something to fill with dust. Thanks, my friend.

    • Thank you very much, Shanyn. It’s worse than that. It’s the gray government cheese of the bureaucratic world. Almost done, though. Six months. As always…kinana’skomitin. 🙂

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