Another Part of the Scenery


Image Credit: We Heart It

You walk past it like you walk past
the silent ones in the park,
another part of the scenery,
colorless and ignorable,
even a little dangerous.
But haven’t you always been
a little curious?

What would happen if you
looked into its face, those
vacant eyes crisscrossed
with webs of secrets, perhaps
a little haunted and maybe
looking a little too hard
back at yours.

If you stopped to consider
this shell full of lonely,
would you see its lively times
of childhood, of family
of a vitality stolen when
this house still was
a home?

But we don’t stop anymore.
To stop would require
considering yesterday when
we barely can grasp today.
So we walk on by
because, after all, it’s only
another part of the scenery.

A free write based on the photo prompt above from my friend Kellie Elmore.


6 thoughts on “Another Part of the Scenery

  1. Feels as if you could be talking about people walking past one another in our different seasons to life, incredible in thought to ponder how we get this way, and how each is different, though similar at times to the life of a home, a house. Like a lot the way you’ve gone through the layers to the prompt.

  2. There was a house, as you so beautifully describe, on our street when I was growing up. My friends and I would run past it, convinced the dark overgrown garden shadowed a haunted house. Thanks for the memory. 😉

  3. Love this poem. Reminds me so much of society’s reaction to many people we prefer to ignore, homeless people, elderly persons, ignoring someone who needs help in a mall or a bus or subway. I wrote about being invisible in Older and Bolder but I find you touch on so many aspects here.

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