Blue Quill / POV

Blue Quill

Blue Quill

Photo by Shanyn Silinski

Once, my kind would use the bird’s blue quill
to write of our own life’s losses.
Today, quill uses me to write of his.


Dew macro

Photo by Joseph Hesch

Look at the web of dew
on the morning grass.
Do you think, like we did,
the bugs peer up and see
a firmament of sparkling stars
and wonder if we
might be gods?

My dVerse colleague Shanyn Silinski asked us to think in the frame of micro poetry (140 characters or less) and to be inspired by macro photography. You know, the close-up 1:1 ratio stuff that speaks with immense detail of a simple thing, be it a flower, a web of dew, or even a quill dropped by a bird. The object is to do the same in a small character count. These are my tries.


27 thoughts on “Blue Quill / POV

  1. The first one is cool, & brings to mind the past, & all the single feathers on the ground I have photographed; the second one really nails the image.

  2. Miniature flora fascinate me to no end. So intricate and perfect, even while so tiny! Writing from a viewpoint within a microcosm. This is really cool~

  3. intricate writes… I love how you say the quill is using you, hence, it inspired you.

    and the last one really makes you think… there’s a god in all of us, right?

    nice takes on the prompt buddy

  4. Loved the POV – I think about that sort of thing all the time – the more I see from Hubble, the smaller I think we are and wonder at the Vast numbers of worlds within worlds. You capture that wonder succinctly and beautifully here.
    Also nice twist on the beautiful blue quill. Well done.

  5. Utterly cool my friend. Love your take on both the macro images and the micro poetry. Quill writing is something you can’t rush but can be amazing. I love droplets on webs and moss – and I’ve never (I confess) wondered what bugs thought of us…

  6. Wonder about those bird feathers found laying about. Is it just natural loss or was there some sort of “squabble”…

    Hmm…do bugs wonder about their universe? Maybe… So enjoyed these, Joe.

  7. Lovely points of view for lovely photos! You took me right back to childhood with the second.

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