One More Time

“You know, she was my girl before Bobby, but she…he was always one to ruin everything he touched,” Captain Ed Hermanski said, wiping tears across his cheeks.

“Yeah, Bobby was crazy about Jen, and swept her right off her feet, didn’t he?” Officer Jack Donahue replied, feeling the acrid smoke sting his eyes.

“Sumbitch ruined what could’ve been…but poor Jen always told me he was crazy jealous of the least little thing, even threatening to…”

Donahue blinked at the firefighter and choked out, “I been here so many times over the past few years, hauling Bobby away after he beat on poor Jen, screaming about “cheatin’ whore this ‘n’ that, but she always took him back.”

Hermanski wiped his eyes again as turned to his radio, ordering some of his men to pour more water into the back of the blackened skeleton of what was once “his girl’s” home and said, “Yeah, if only she called m… you one more time tonight.”

A quick Five Sentence Fiction based on Lillie McFerrin’s prompt word RUINS. I guess that word has more than one meaning. I may have captured a few here.

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