Months of muted tones
too long held sway
over this northern land.
Even once-bright snow
lies dingy like porridge
flecked in blacktop dust
and salt crust.
Against slate skies,
crows croak their primacy
and even gray goose chooses
to fly beyond.

Sounding my forgotten clarion,
I decree audience.
See me, hot spot of rainbow
resplendent, perched atop
charcoal skeleton of ash.
I am your King of Spring,
and will daub all in hues
you’ve missed since last
Sun dropped its rays
like raindrops.

I am Cardinal. Have faith.
April dawns and new life
like kaleidoscopic dreams
approach just over horizon.

New 100-word drabble poem shared with friends at dVerse looking to impart or share color.

Photo by Lonny Holman

13 thoughts on “Liberation

  1. i would hope the king of spring finds his way here…we got 4 inches of snow today…so the world is white and the vibrant flower heads barely poke through, most buried, bowed beneath winters last hug…i have seen hints of spring to come though…

    • Thanks, Brian. I saw the forecast and thought, “Man, Brian and Joanna and my NoVa friends are gonna catch it AGAIN!

      And, as you know from poems over the years, at my advanced age I cannot deal with winter much anymore. Thought about heading south for winter in my retirement, but then I saw what ya’ll and my South Carolina friends have been through this year. Can run but I can’t hide, I guess.

  2. Wow, from the ashen leaded-gray/grey to the Cardinal ruby red splash. If a Cardinal could crow, he would be your protagonist, your herald; another boffo 100 word wonder, brother.

  3. I LOVE this… all of this mirrors my own feelings after this long hard winter… soon spring will find us, soon, and I look forward to kaleidoscopic dreams…

  4. I have a strong urge to shout “bravo!”… but apparently the blizzard-of-the-century, super-duper, mega double weather bomb deluxe is enroute, forecast to touch down in Nova Scotia tomorrow… so instead I want to cry “fly cardinal fly”, but, what the hell – BRAVO!

  5. Lovely poem of hope. The cardinal does demand our attention! Here in my neck of the woods the cardinal is a year-long presence at the feeder, but as spring nears his message of joy and color explodes! Great work here.

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