A Rumor of Spring

This last March night, I stand
beneath a black ceiling of clouds
as they break and flow
across the sky, allowing a peek
at the moon and she upon me.
They’re heavenly echoes
of the river ice, once a mass
of winter rigidity, now cracking
and whispering downstream
certain secrets kept for too long.

New whispers, a quietly
cacophonous accompaniment,
inform my reverie. They approach
on the south wind, as new cloud-cracks
reveal the silhouetted band
marching northward across the sky.
I shiver, not so much
from the cold, but because
this flapping pennant affirms
the river’s rumor of spring.

New 100-word drabble shared with dVerse gang, who are looking for poems of animals as portents of good or bad news. To me, there’s little better than the news that after this long rough Winter, Spring–real, warm, green-up Spring–is near.

18 thoughts on “A Rumor of Spring

  1. Yes, I went for a walk last evening, to enjoy my long-forgotten friend, the sun, and the geese were everywhere, singing me home. A lovely poem.

  2. I love it when you write of nature and your surroundings there in upstate NY, as it is so much like my New England home. We have so much to look forward to and enjoy with the succession of the seasons, as winter ice finally disappears, and geese come home to roost again. Thanks for bringing us some Spring warmth in your words!

  3. finally, a daydream that did not, will not morph into sharp teeth, ice gnomes, & silver rain; for Spring is as real as consciousness each morning, ticking its way round the Great Wheel, blossoms dropping, honey dripping, and even cheering up the old Hesch.

  4. The ice finally melted in front of the garage doors last week, rains hastened the demise of the snowbanks in my driveway and the “back forty” still has its last layer. But a large group of robins were enjoying a play date in my from yard yesterday afternoon!

  5. We’re just entering winter here in the southern hemisphere. The swifts are doing their practicing for the long flight ahead of them. Fortunately our winters are short and mild compared to what the northern hemisphere have to deal with.

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