Shadow of the Hunter

Never heard the killer’s silent approach.
No springing of hairs on my neck,
no buzz of sixth sense, no early warning.
That is, until his shadow touched mine.
My corporal self twisted to see him sink
his phantom fangs silently into
what my arm cut from the desk lamp’s glow.

In my darkened jungle, when
hunted suddenly discovers hunter,
the bookish often instinctively
turns barbaric.

With swift and sure notebook swat,
long-legged predator,
just doing what spiders do,
went from one shadow to two.
The first, I’ve written here
on your page. The other,
I’ve just written over
on mine.

Poem #3 — another 100-worder — of Poem-a-Day April 2014.  My thanks to the late little arachnid (the correct lighting might even make me look fierce) who scared the hell out of me and inspired this piece in my up-until-then-empty morning notebook. At dVerse Meeting the Bar, Claudia asks us to express emotion without saying what it is. Hope I did.

21 thoughts on “Shadow of the Hunter

  1. oh heck.. what an encounter…eh..? in costa rica they had tarantulas….my daughter saw the one or other…but luckily none ever touched her shadow…or her…shivers…

  2. Once long ago, during marriage go-round #2, I moved into a rental in Victorville, CA; awakening to find dozens of black widow spiders in the eaves, and in our belongings stacked up in the empty garage; house had been empty for months. I killed spiders non-stop for hours, a battle royal.

  3. But then, so willing to share my arachnid story, I neglected to praise yours; another 100 word wonder, brother. Hope you are not allergic to spider venom; could send you to the ER.

  4. Ominous… had me wondering until I realised it was a spider… I like the swift and sure notebook swat which turned the mild-mannered, bookish person into a ruthless killer…

  5. Spiders are scary, I think its all those legs coming at you. Very well done Joe. In Australia we have funnel web spiders who if disturbed come out swinging at you and will kill you if they bite.

  6. gotta watch out for those blood suckers…ha….they will drain you
    nice tension in this particularly when you left it open in the beginning
    as to what you were being stalked by…makes for a nice metaphor as well..

  7. Love your discovery and articulation of the hunter instinct here … spooky shadowy dark is woerse with unexpected company! I think my poem is about the flight instinct in a similar situation.

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