Since Last I Raged

I never get angry enough
to fling things or people.
That requires too much energy
for never quite righting wrongs
against me or society.
Tossing sufficient amounts
of life’s gasoline on a fire
for mere flash and boom
yield only sore throats,
scraped knuckles and fuel tanks
depleted of most emotions
except regret.

I raged today, though,
building from ink and imagination
a geriatric vigilante killer
of nursing home abusers.
It doesn’t provide the same buzz
as a good flip-out.
Done with skill, however,
it still renders
an emotional nut punch —
seconds of hmmph,
followed by minutes of

A 100-word drabble poem based on Day Four of Robert Lee Brewer’s Poem-A-Day Challenge prompt for a “Since _____” poem. It’s been a very long time since last I raged. I prefer mixing my bile and testosterone into ink. Like The Hulk, you wouldn’t like me when I really rage.


3 thoughts on “Since Last I Raged

  1. I really like this poem! If you’re going to be enraged, nursing home abusers are a good subject to become enraged about. I especially appreciate and like this line, “Tossing sufficient amounts> of life’s gasoline on a fire> for mere flash and boom> yield only sore throats,” This is such a vivid description of anger. It’s a total waste of good energy most of the time.

  2. I used to rage more when I younger. Flying butter knives, anyone? We’ll just call it hormonal imbalance and leave it at that. Thankfully I got betta! I can’t imagine you raging! I really want to know more of this geriatric vigilante, seeing as I work in a skilled nursing facility aka nursing home! No fair putting out ‘teasers.’ Good write, Joe. You’ve got my attention!

  3. The pen being mightier of course. The copyright for your opening stanza would make a generous gift to public health anger management counsellors. Nice work Joseph.

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