The Best Gift EVER


Little Black Book 2 by lusi

Like most of the aides at the Glen Rest Home, Hildy Zink thought her favorite patient, old Chris Kriegel, was cute and sweetly wacky, the way he would begin keeping a Naughty and Nice notebook and let his beard grow out each year around Labor Day.

But Hildy’s new supervisor, Mrs. Fassbender, who came on board after the first of that year, didn’t think Chris was cute at all, telling Hildy, “He’s disruptive and I think he’s a nut log who, if I had my way around here, would have been moved to the psychiatric wing years ago…Now go give him a shave”

One afternoon in early December, Chris wandered into the linen closet, thinking it was the men’s room, and found a crying Hildy there, who told him she was one of three aides Fassbender was letting go before Christmas because she “didn’t like their insubordinate and unprofessional demeanor with the clients,” which was Fassbender-code for Wouldn’t Shave Chris.

After patting Hildy on the head and telling her not to worry — “After all, Christmas is the time of joy and miracles” — Chris went back into the hall, pulled the black notebook from the pocket of his red flannel robe and put another Happy Face on Hildy’s page, writing The Best Gift EVER at the bottom.

Flipping through the pages until he found the one marked Fassbender, Chris put another Frowny Face next to the hundreds of others and wrote as he did for Hildy’s previous supervisor, Best Gift EVER: Stairwell – Push.

This week’s Five Sentence Fiction is based on Lillie McFerrin’s prompt inspiration Whimsical. Not sure I nailed it, but, as a whimsically cranky old man, I like this story.

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