Nescio quid ergo sum

A wise man said
the opposite of Love isn’t Hate,
it’s Indifference.
By that same emotional token,
something like Indifference
might be the opposite of Hate, too.

Ergo, your indifference to me
indicates you don’t love me or hate me.
That may be a cock-eyed syllogism,
but I dropped Logic in college
when I realized studying something
that turned human thought
into a Yes/No equation
too illogical for words.

This apathy you show me
is just an example of your manners.
I’d say Thank You, but don’t
wish you to think me
the opposite of impolite.
Nescio quid ergo sum.

Catch-up day 100-word bit of nonsense brought on by the Horse Latitudes of mid-NaPoWriMo, the creative Doldrums of Poem-A-Day 2014. I dunno, the whole shebang just comes down to me crossing April’s Equator of Apathy.


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