Stirring Up


Tiny silver spiders stretched
white filaments crisscross
across the blue cup of my morning –
each representing a volume
of travelers’ tales. Others already
had spun their histories,
turned to stringy clouds,
the winds of today yet
to erase them.

I wondered if, among all those
views of down here by people up there,
was there one that pondered
something other than the pale
quilt of forest, farm and suburb.
Did he wonder if there’s a guy
in that house by the trees, staring up,
stirring his morning coffee,
boiling all heaven and earth
into a dreamy spoonful, too?

Going, off-script, rogue, relying on my own imagination and ideas for Day 17 of my Poem-A-Day April 2014. Maybe I’ll use one of those online nudges later. But when I saw all those airliner contrails out my front door this morning, each representing hundreds of passengers, each of them with their own stories and impressions, I had to explore my own thoughts…in one hundred words.


4 thoughts on “Stirring Up

  1. OOOH, I really like this one! I’ve had similar thoughts on both sides in the past. Lovely photo also. I’ve been so impressed with you writing a poem every day this month. It’s inspiring!

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