White Horses

Once I lassoed a white horse
and we jumped aboard
my sun-sailed sloop, sailing south.
After leaping ashore, we cantered up
to your castle door
and saved you, whoever you were,
from a life without me.
White horses never really ran
in my streets, though, except
in the reflection
of old Esther’s store window.
Sloop was just a word I read
in a book, where the winds
always blew my imagination
from west to east and
the bright sun set
whenever I closed its covers.
Such were the heroes
who saved me, whoever I was,
from a life without them.

A new 100-word drabble poem for Day 29 of Poem-A-Day April NaPoWriMo 2014. Tells a story I think many of us can relate to. One more day. One more poem. Whew!


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