Yes, I Know

Conversation - Renoir

The Conversation, by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

They tell me I mumble and can’t understand what I say.
Then they tell me to shut up because I’m too loud and don’t want to hear it.
Shhh. Don’t have to raise your voice. I understand.
See? You never say that. You always listen, always seem to care what I say no matter how soft or loud, high or low, loony or loving.
There’s a very good reason for that.
I know…
Sometimes you don’t even have to speak and I know what you’re saying.
Yeah, that’s such a sweet thing and I…well…you know.
Yes, I know.

I’m not really sure what you’d call this piece. Poem? Prose? Prose poem? Conversation piece? But it came fast and from the heart. Like a blurt of emotion, of feelings. Hope you understand the expression behind it. Just like the two people in this conversation do.

17 thoughts on “Yes, I Know

  1. Sometimes we are fortunate enough to have people in our lives who we can communicate with non-verbally. My grandfather was like that; often one or the other of us would pick up the phone to call, & find the other already on the line, before the first ring. A lot of what a good marriage, even a healthy career, is constituted by, becomes non-verbal communication. Nice response to Claudia’s prompt.

  2. smiles…i read this a couple ways…first was almost a conversation with god…or your god…
    but then again it is with anyone that understands you well enough…
    a love…a good firend….where that bond exists and there is no need even to say it
    to know what the other is feeling.

  3. I can relate to the not speaking loud enough (I’m very soft-spoken)… people are used to it, I guess. I’ve never had anyone tell me I was too loud.

  4. I for one am tempted to change the end of my sentence, just to avoid those people who want to complete my sentences for me…
    But this couple, well, they’re sweet and patient. Understated, too.

  5. Such a sweet conversation.. love the intimacy that brings such meaning to a conversation.. that one doesn’t have to speak and the other understands.. Ah, you touched my heart.. beautiful!

  6. That is a good relationship.

    Mumbling is the curse of our age: The subtitles are permanently switched on for my TV set. Actors are the worst, and should be the best! Yes, I know, I’m a bit Mutt and Jeff, but it wouldn’t hurt them to articulate the words facing the camera!

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