Good in White

“You always wore a wedding dress well, sweetie, but marriage was the bad fit,” Jake said one afternoon to Maureen.

“It always seemed like a good idea at the time…I was told I needed a life partner to complete me,” she said with a faux sigh and a eyelash-batting look up toward the ceiling.

“Yeah, but you also thought you needed this poofy perm and shoulder pads you wore when I first met you,” said Jake, lowering the old photo album to the floor beside the bed.

“They caught your eye and kept you interested enough to hang around twenty-five years and two marriages for me,” Maureen said, as she rolled over to give Jake a triumphant kiss.

“Well, I always was attracted to that I could never have, so now you can put your clothes back on and get the heck out of here, woman” Jake said with a smile as he dodged a pillow-pummeling and listened to the charming chime of her still-girlish giggle.

A quick five-sentence eavesdrop on a couple that seems pretty complete without benefit of clergy. Based on Lillie McFerrin’s prompt word Marriage.

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