To the Poets

Celebration Poets

Some craft their offspring
like little mothers
birthing secret babies
in locked bedrooms,
through pain and tears.
Others have the cause
thrust upon them
in lonely moments
of quiet desperation
too much to hold, yet
too dangerous to speak,
to act upon.

Some push them
camel by camel through
the blinking needle’s eye.
While others shake them off
by the lakeful, tireless retrievers
splattering their bits
of Archimedean and
Homeric displacement.
They give life to words
and toss them
like christened doves
from their windows,
carried on some divine wind,
to souls needy
for such sustenance.

Thank you brave poets.

Upon the third anniversary of the dVerse Poets Pub community and website, we’ve been asked to write an ode to poets or a specific poet. I never learned what an ode is, by strictest definition. But I have a heart and a wavering way with words. On my lunchtime walk, this 100-word drabble came to me. Congratulations and gratitude to my colleagues at dVerse and to all the poets in that community held so dear.

13 thoughts on “To the Poets

  1. ha. sometimes writing them is def like pushing a camel through the eye of needle…others, well they seem to be gifts…and once we release those doves…we know not where they will go…

    happy anniversary joe.

  2. Stunning poetry, Joe. And sometimes I think I’m pushing camels–at other’s I can shake off words like a waterfall. I do believe that there is a divine force behind the gift of poetry. How often do I wonder: “Where the heck did that come from? When did I write that?”

  3. I love the different ways we are birthing words Joe ~ I think mine would qualify as pushing them through the needle eyes on some days, smiles ~

    Thank you for support and presence in the community ~

  4. ugh… 1st stanza really got me; so many are “behind closed door” poetry lovers… well maybe not lovers (can’t be ashamed of something if you truly love it, right?)

    “They give life to words
    and toss them
    like christened doves
    from their windows,”

    sad that a lot keep those words locked away in dresser drawers… But I’m proud of the ones who do set them free

  5. You capture the needs of poets and their insecurities in one here, Joe. So hard to write those “close-to-the-bone” emotions, feelings and so exposed to let them loose and yet so necessary. Well done. Thanks for sharing yours with all of us for these years! Happy Anniversary to us!

    • That’s about as lovely a comment as I could ever receieve, Amy. You describe what I strive to be — honest, real, expressive of image and emotion. Thank you so very much!

  6. That is a lovely, lovely description of the poetic process – and not just of the different types of poets, but also of the poets we have within us each and every one. I tend to fall most frequently in the ‘too much to hold, yet/ too dangerous to speak/ to act upon’ category, but I certainly have moments of each of the others you identify.

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