A Question of Keys


Does it exist, the place
they say you go when you go?
Or is it another con to keep
the masses in line, because
the laws of Man aren’t enough
to keep the dirty, hungry, needy
you and I from becoming
just another mammal,
feeding our children the milk
that likely is the only kindness
they’re likely to feel
from other humans unless
they believe fabulous
(if not fabled) prizes,
await for doing the right thing?

Is it that important that
we need some Over-Us Being
and a minion of winged, haloed,
glowing, enrobed, stern, gentle,
even immaculately impregnated,
come-from-above with the
Keys to the Kingdom
of a happily forever-after life?
We hold the real key from
the time we are born,
kept within that other
readily accepted fable,
the loving heart — the soul.

It is simple and sanguine,
not ornate and gold.
It is a Rule Golden that makes
desert, forest, jungle, prairie,
all Heaven on Earth.
Do for me as you would
do for yourself…
if you loved yourself.
Someone else does,I hear.

An eyes-half-open sprint of a free write for my friend Kellie Elmore, based on that photo up there. I’m trying to make a comeback from the dark place I’ve been. It’s a struggle, but I see that golden light ahead. Bear with me until then, Okay?

8 thoughts on “A Question of Keys

  1. Wow, Joe, this is very powerfully written. I have been pondering the same things, and have come to somewhat the same maybe conclusions. Even with this ‘over us being’ we have done a piss-poor job of not eating our young, by destroying them in a multitude of ways. What I can’t explain is a couple of experiences where that ‘over me being’ has hit me over the head, screamed at me to shut up, and held me tightly when I was turning and walking away. These were not my rehearsed fables or part of my life recording in my head. Whatcha think, fella?

  2. The thing about darkness is it is never absolute; light resides somewhere near, or finds a way to invade it. The soul is your brightest light; definitely. Have been missing your strong voice in the cyber halls of dVerse, brother; keep writing, it’s cathartic, essential, rebuilding materials. Check out BLACKTHORNE-SC28.

    • Thanks, Glenn. Still love Blackthorne and all it’s cinematic (yet imagination-stirring) storytelling. I haven’t linked to dVerse (though I’ve tweeted about link-up days) because I knew I couldn’t visit many poets and comment. If I can’t comment, I shouldn’t link. Thems the rules. Thanks for thinking of me and stopping by. You’re the best, bud. 🙂

  3. Mr Linky brought me here from dVerse today; so just want to say, welcome home, love to see your name on FB, Twitter, & the dVerse Pub. Squeeze it easy, brother.

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