So Sorry


Cayce and Hopkins knew there would be hell to pay when someone found Feldwebel Krickstein’s bloody body in Stalag Luft VII/A’s north latrine, just as Unteroffizier Beck’s was found four months before.

But they didn’t worry as they scurried along the barracks floor to the bunk where Flight Lieutenant Ralph Owen, a member of their old squadron and the victim of a bruising beating at Krickstein’s hands earlier that day lay moaning.

“Ralph, we got the bloody bastard what done this to you, just like we got that rat Bailey we think told the Gerries you worked with Intelligence Corps,” Cayce said.

Owen gave a long sigh and opened his hand to show a foil-wrapped article folded into a piece of paper.

As the beam of a searchlight shown through the window, Hopkins saw that the object bore the marque of Cafe Demel, a Vienna chocolatier, and on the paper were scrawled the words: “Lt. Owen, so sorry I hurt you so, but…orders. K.”

A five-sentence fiction based on Lillie McFerrin’s prompt word “villainous.”  Photo from Wikipedia.

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