Twenty-three Ohms

I plug in, putting pen to pad,
feeling the tooth of the paper
drag against the ballpoint’s
hopeful inspiration. This time
we went rogue, a freedom write,
turning the lines sideways
and scribbling perpendicular
to the rest of the world.
Maybe tomorrow I’ll call myself
a real artist and go all diagonal.
I have an hour of creative freedom
away from the drudgery
of the day-to-day.
You might say I am
a 23-ohm writer because
I have 23 hours I must
spark through life’s resistance
to get where I can
flick the switch
and see this light.

Official Day 1 poem for NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) during which I will attempt to write a poem a day throughout April. Already posted one to the Writers Digest PAD Challenge based on the prompt word Resistance. Here’s another.


2 thoughts on “Twenty-three Ohms

  1. Well may I say Joseph you are off to flyer – continued success – you have a way with words. Must try and get involved at some point – this is a rather congested month.

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