I Made It Just for You

I have all these goodbyes,
like Christmas and birthday presents
I never gave, because I never did.
I keep them in the dark corner
of my heart’s closet, where I can
ignore them because I have so much
more life tossed in there on the floor,
like old shoes, each bearing
the scuffs of miles and miles
and the dirt and dust
of all the roads I’ve walked,
run and U-turned to get here.

I never gave you these goodbyes
because I wasn’t around when you left me.
Or maybe I just stood there
when you did, but wasn’t present.
And isn’t that word ironic?
When I leave, which I shall
one way or another, I don’t
want either of us to end up
with the clutter of misspent,
misplaced memory taking up
the corners of your heart or mine.
Here’s your goodbye, my dear ones.
Go ahead, open it.
I made it just for you.

Poem #4 in my Poem-a-Day NaPoWriMo effort.

2 thoughts on “I Made It Just for You

  1. I double Mary’s comment that no one does an extended metaphor as well as you. Lately I’ve been thinking about all the people who have left – and there are so very many of them now. Some were close to me, some resided in the periphery circles of my life, but all left holes and I never told them how they touched my life. I miss them. I think this one definitely should be included in your new collection for publication.

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