Too Honest by Half


“Lag BaOmer bonfire” by Yoninah via Wikimedia Commons

To be honest, I haven’t half-thought this
out or anything for that matter in quite a while.
But that’s because for so long I’d only half-seen
the truth when it stood there in front of me.

That’s understandable, because most of us
only half-speak the truth or the lie,
never quite going all in on the whole
and nothing but…

I’m old enough now to not care being
much like the norm, who skirt verity like
it was a big bonfire. I don’t want to be
one of you who get close enough to feel warm,
but not so close as to get burned.

I wear the scars from facing that heat.
It hurt, but not so much as standing close enough
to feel all your tepid, half-assed, la-dee-da
half-truths smiling in my face.

Poem #14 for Poem-a-Day NaPoWriMo 2015, prompted by a request for an honest or dishonesty poem. Typically, I did both in one.

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