The Harmony of Heartbeats

I wonder about the harmony
of the heartbeats that
no one will ever hear.
I wonder about the echo
silence makes in this room,
because it rings like this
every night.
Pillows muffle the goodnight
whispers, smothering them
before they can be born,
turning them into muffled breaths,
dying winds carrying nothing
but lonely thoughts upon these
feathers that never flew,
never soared in a dream where
I’m the happy one.
Maybe it’s because I squeezed
too tightly. But it’s only
my eyes I ever squeeze,
needlessly shutting them in
this room vacant of light
and the harmony of heartbeats.

Once again, it’s another stab at making it through a Poem-a-Day month with 30 poems written by December 1. Got one shot off yesterday. Here’s today’s 100-word free-write in anticipation of something a little brighter tomorrow. Guess that’s what makes this month’s goal worth the effort. I never know what’ll be on the page until it’s there.


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