Just a Peek of Heaven’s Skin

I know it’s out there,
the blue sky and bright sun.
Yes, all we can see today
are low gray clouds,
the smudges of lower and
grayer smearing those.
But I saw a momentary
streak of blue and a slash
of sunlight this week.
Just a peek of heaven’s skin,
like the strippers used to
tease us with when strippers
used to just tease.
I know it’s out there
beyond this darkness,
this fatigue assailing life
right now. I hope I’ll be here
when it comes back.
It has to, because
I don’t think I can go on
if it doesn’t.
And I intend to go on.

One thought on “Just a Peek of Heaven’s Skin

  1. It has been a long dark stretch in many ways for each of us. Have faith. The blue is still there and the sun will shine again…it may seem stormy now, but the rain, and these gray days won’t last forever.

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