Melting Away


I like to sit in the dark and look out
at how the night develops the snow
like I used to develop photos
in a different kind of dark room.
Out there where the trees frame
the blue-white possibilities
of dusk-to-dawn,
clouds dodge the moonlight,
pulsing life into shadows and
wind-carved ripples that might
have been born of my tossing
a coin and a wish out there.
I’m wishing to see
the murky moon-sketched beings
leave those shadowy scars
of here to there, life to death,
on that slick, icy memory
I wake to each morning. I fear
closing my eyes will rend another tear
in this net of dreams with which
I captured all the memories
of you and them,
me and I, each morning lost
to the sleeping night,
to the changing seasons,
tracks of my time melting
to nothing
too soon.

4 thoughts on “Melting Away

    • Thank you, Jo-Anne. It’s been hard to leave that window for a while now. It’s a wonder I can see out the damn thing with all the sighs I’ve frosted on it lately. Bless you for your kind attention to this one.

  1. A strong poetic, brother, picking up on it from FB. We just do not write in the same circles these days; more’s the pity. The voice is vivid, & sadness palpable; one hopes this is dramatic license & not personal experience. I tweeted you about BLACKTHORNE, SC 52 today. I think of you each I write

    • Thanks, Glenn. Actually, I don’t write in ANY circles these days. I just wander around this virtual house and toss these notes from the window a couple times a week. Heading over to BLACKTHORNE now. Peace!

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