I Like… (#1)

I like…that you decided to look at this.
It proves that I might exist somewhere other than
within this increasingly barnacle-encrusted mind
and jellyfish-softening body.

I like…that I am able to tell you that
which I didn’t know I knew until I told you.
I wish I could hear your voice in friendly reply.
I’m a good listener, even if I don’t hear so well.

I like…the fact I can sit here and listen
to the ocean while I am hours from its shore,
even though I can fake it when I see the gulls
whenever I visit the supermarket parking lot.

I like…that I was able to awaken this morning,
even if it was slower than I awakened in past years
and a heck of a lot louder in grunts, groans,
clicks and cracks. I least I’m waking.

I like…that somewhere within the dusty
and gauze-covered attic of my memory
I find pictures of you, though few of me
and never any of us. I think that’s because
I was the only one capturing the images
and I never see myself. Not that way.

I like…that if I remind myself here
of things that I like, maybe I won’t be
so mired and down about the things I don’t.

I like…that we can talk again like this sometime.
That is, if we open our eyes to listen.


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