Who Is She?


Street Conversations (Woman walking down the street.)
1946 Photo by Stanley Kubrick

Who is she, whose heels click by
and I just have to look up to see?
Who is she, who rustles by
in a fragrant cloud that stops
my tracks with a stroke of heat
not felt in years?

Who is she, whose curve of calf
and confident buh-bump bounce
stirs my heart and blushes my cheeks
with summer sunshine glow?
Who is she, who made me look without trying
and left me wondering who and why and…

I guess she’s someone’s other,
or sister, or mother, someone
I do not know, yet confidently
knows herself. Yeah, that woman.

A ten-minute lunchtime free-write that came to me when I recalled what day it was. Please don’t label me sexist. I’m the father of two daughters, the guy who coached girls basketball for 30 years, whose physician is a woman. I’m a sensitive guy who appreciates just about everything about women. I still can’t claim understand them, but at least I always try.

5 thoughts on “Who Is She?

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  2. Not sexist in any way! In fact quite the opposite 😊
    Congratulations for getting down in words, those feelings guys usually can’t spell because they really are difficult. After all if it wasn’t to be noticed by whomever, we wouldn’t do the things ( consciously or unconsciously ) that we do that can never be understood 🍃🌸🍃

  3. I think at least half the women in the world, if they were honest, would be thrilled to inspire such a second look and a poem as well. It’s not popular to say such things, of course, but otherwise, why do women dress up and put on perfume? 😉

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