Message Understood

When he told her that he loved her
she said she loved him too.
But language is a funny thing,
when cast between the sexes,
especially when parsed through a man’s
freshly unwrapped rose-colored heart.
Men can talk and talk, she said,
but only in horizontals and verticals.
He said he guessed women listen
in italics, hearing words expressed
in the softness and curve of emotion,
all-italics How as much as the What.

So she plumbed and leveled her
“She said”into a well-constructed “He said,”
gently outlining that Love doesn’t
necessarily mean In Love. But as
an evolving man, and felt encouraged
her words’ soft tone, by the warmth
of her brown eyes, and in an expression
of a love finally shared, he took her
into his arms. That’s when she angled
her knee squarely between his temporarily
upright legs and he uttered a long
“ooooh,” of recognition that even
this evolved man ultimately understood.

A day-late Day Two of Poem-A-Day April. The prompt was for a He Said/She Said poem.

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