We Have All Been Here Before


Perhaps there comes a time
in life where everything and everyone
you pass or passes you is something
or someone you’ve seen before.
I may have reached that swirl
of actuality, possibility and memory.
I’ll see a smile and recognize the face.
Green eyes flash and I freeze,
even though their memory
comes up blue. I’ll turn, and shadows
will be just so, though it’s noon
or even midnight. You might call
this Déjà Vu, like that old album
I’d play over and over as I’d pine
to see that face in that place
just once more.
Now I do.

Ten minutes of freedom writing, just digging out the rocky ore of my aging brain and throwing it into the blank page smelter of verse. It may be mere base metal. It might someday be gold. But today it’s Poem #9 of NaPoWriMo 2016 and one of my beloved 100-worders.

2 thoughts on “We Have All Been Here Before

  1. Your thoughts pause time where I feel that I have been here before… I sense I have but the names have been changed *smiling* Thank you for the “dig” and sharing your heart ~ Linda

  2. “I feel like I’ve been here before…and you know it makes me wonder” Thanks again for tapping into that “feeling” that we have all felt at some point, you are really good at that! And thanks for associating it with one of my favorite albums, one that I wore to death back in the early 70’s!

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