Part of the Job

“What’s with the thousand-mile stare?” Dr. Koch said as I gazed at nothing but a blank computer screen.

“Gave a patient the bad news. He said how pretty the prognosis sounded,” I replied.

“No two the same. Part of the job. You’re lucky to have an understanding guy like Kevin home.”

I headed down to the elevators and texted him.

Death, always death, so dense it choked me, left me weeping in the garage. I needed to see Brian again…today.

After a while I went out and left the hospital and walked back to the hotel in the rain.

In a vain attempt to catch up with my missed stories for three days, Here’s I needed a rewrite of a story from Week 1. It’s a different look at the other 100-word drabble, Fiddleneck. I changed it to a first person narrative from the doctor’s POV who gave our patient his terminal prognosis. In addition, as I did for Fiddleneck, I used the closing line of a famous novel as the closing line for the story. In this case, Hemingway again. This time the line closes “A Farewell to Arms.” Again, not sure I’m following the rules. But rules are made to be bent and broken by writers sometimes.


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