Another Day Waiting for an Answer


The Japanese maple’s leaves flip over
in supplication to the rain gods.
They know their prayers and the
silent cries of the yellowing grass
are heard above, just not listened to.
The tree’s south side rustles
in the teasing breeze like
the crinoline petticoats of
some stripper with
a southern belle gimmick.
Enough to draw attention,
not enough to make it rain.
So we wait, the land and I,
wait to hear tapping on the roof
that isn’t from the woodpecker
who awakened me this morning,
hopeful, then hands turned palms-up,
not in supplication, but in today’s
silent “Why?”

One thought on “Another Day Waiting for an Answer

  1. Beautiful write again!! Do we not all wait for answer to perpetual question? & the wait is eternal & silent “hands turned palms-up” with silent Why? Superb indeed 🙂

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