No One and Nothing


The words, they always came
so easily. The casual lie,
the honest assessment,
the judicious mumble,
the unintelligible,
the microscopic,
the warm, the cold.
They were his true friends,
his only friends, stopping by
to say hello, to kiss his ring,
to kick his ass, to ignore him
from across the room,
to his face. He shared them
like potato chips, too often
laden with a gooey dip that
left him suffering,
staring at the ceiling
wondering why he’d said
what he’d said. In that dark,
though, truth proofed brightly.
He was no one with them
and nothing without.

One thought on “No One and Nothing

  1. Ditto! No, seriously, I have many of the same thoughts and feelings about words. I especially have those moments after I’ve spoken and later think about it and have the thought “WHY did I say that?! That was so dumb/mean/stupid/silly/a lie.”

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