Good Morning, Old Man


The aches and pains have become
as much a part of waking up
as the 5:30 AM bathroom run.
Though barely do I hobble.
The now-constant catch and click
of tendons in my fingers
happened overnight, I’m almost sure.
Just like the gimp in my hip
and the twinge everywhere I hinge.
They’re the balance due, the piper’s pay,
the cost of a short, cerebral body
playing a taller, active life.
You can only toss yourself down
that flight of stairs so many times.
I just never figured it’d be my back
that stabbed me in my back.

When everything hurts enough to wake me up, I am drawn to pick up the pen and wax poetic on the frailties that can come with growing older. By the way, that pen picking up? Threw out my back…


5 thoughts on “Good Morning, Old Man

  1. For some reason, this aging body is a source of mirth to me today (not so much yesterday). Your poem brought a big smile. Thanks.

  2. “the twinge everywhere I hinge” That tidily sums up life over 50. Killer last line too, Joe…pun somewhat intended.

  3. I used to twist, move, and climb in all kinds of activities and thought nothing of it. I can still do it, some days, but I pay for it the rest of the month. I guess what I’m saying is I “twinge everywhere I hinge” too! Getting older is not for the faint of heart!

  4. Just finished laying the last 4 bags of mulch in my yard. Me and my back are not on speaking terms right now. And that 5:30 wake up call? Make it 3 a.m. and that would be me!! For what it’s worth, you are not alone, my friend!!

  5. No, no, no..age is not an excuse! Stretching is the way, the truth and the way to have a decent life! I have multiple sclerosis so its essential. No mercy. 🙂

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