Good Morning, Old Man


The aches and pains have become
as much a part of waking up
as the 5:30 AM bathroom run.
Though barely do I hobble.
The now-constant catch and click
of tendons in my fingers
happened overnight, I’m almost sure.
Just like the gimp in my hip
and the twinge everywhere I hinge.
They’re the balance due, the piper’s pay,
the cost of a short, cerebral body
playing a taller, active life.
You can only toss yourself down
that flight of stairs so many times.
I just never figured it’d be my back
that stabbed me in my back.

When everything hurts enough to wake me up, I am drawn to pick up the pen and wax poetic on the frailties that can come with growing older. By the way, that pen picking up? Threw out my back…


5 thoughts on “Good Morning, Old Man

  1. For some reason, this aging body is a source of mirth to me today (not so much yesterday). Your poem brought a big smile. Thanks.

  2. “the twinge everywhere I hinge” That tidily sums up life over 50. Killer last line too, Joe…pun somewhat intended.

  3. I used to twist, move, and climb in all kinds of activities and thought nothing of it. I can still do it, some days, but I pay for it the rest of the month. I guess what I’m saying is I “twinge everywhere I hinge” too! Getting older is not for the faint of heart!

  4. Just finished laying the last 4 bags of mulch in my yard. Me and my back are not on speaking terms right now. And that 5:30 wake up call? Make it 3 a.m. and that would be me!! For what it’s worth, you are not alone, my friend!!

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