The Light Beneath the Door


During the night, dreams
once slipped into my sleep
through the gap beneath
my bedroom door.
Some sheer boy-flying fantasy,
others bogey-man frightful,
all, in their own way,
illuminating corners of me
hidden even from myself.
But time, the long march
of night after night,
presses down upon old houses
and men, making us settle and warp,
closing our narrow entries
and locking out the dream light
from our fitful sleep.
Tonight, I’m leaving open the door
to whatever wishes to wing
or creep into my sleeping self.
Bogey-men be damned,
tonight we fly.
To the light.

One thought on “The Light Beneath the Door

  1. What a lovely read!! Instead of fighting insomnia why not take a flight on wings of dreams!! I like the last two lines: “tonight we fly/ To the light.” Simply mesmerizing!!

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