Voyage to the Bottom of Myself


Sometimes I feel like the vessel
that conveyed hope and desire,
a past and future, the name
of those other two Joes before me
across the seas of time, only to
again and again
crash upon the rocks of this
21st Century shoreline.

But a green sea’s become
my ceiling. Sun dapples my
inverted vision, as waves weave
an ever-shifting warp and weft
blanketing this place where I
shuttled to the bottom.
Numbers speak my history
without words, my from to my to,
my beginning, my end.

They can speak from
a sunken prow or an ivied stone
hidden in a forgotten forest.
And that’s my epitaph ~
He was a boat adrift upon
these ink-shadowed leaves hidden
between the green covers
of a book ever unread.

This poem is based on Sharyl Fuller’s Writing Outside the Lines prompt. This week it is the photo above, copyright © 2016 Suzanne V. Carey. I wrote this free-write draft quickly on the night of the second anniversary of my Mom’s passing. I’m afraid the subject of death is hard to shake today, even for a unique photo full of life and mystery.


5 thoughts on “Voyage to the Bottom of Myself

  1. Joe.. That was beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing and using my photo in such a touching and heartfelt way. You are an incredible writer. Warm comforting hugs! 👼🏼💜

  2. Lovely write indeed!! I love the last para!! But rest assured, you shall always be remembered in heart of all of us who have enjoyed your poetry & writing 🙂

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