One More Wave Before I Fall


When I leave you,
dropped to earth
like the ladies’ gloves
I see drifting from the trees,
will you be one to press me
between some covers?
I know we never shared
much but words, images
you might’ve held
in your book of memories,
hugged like a leaf
you hoped to treasure
in its peak radiance.
I hope someone like you
will keep me in their
forever book, even if
we never cozied between
covers. No need now,
when I’m waving to you
from the end of my
tenuous tip of maple.
Goodbye or hello again
is up to you.


The third poem of my Autumn as My Life/Fallen Leaf Motif Trilogy from this week. It was semi-inspired by my friend Sharyl Fuller’s prompt this week (the photo at the end) for her Writing Outside the Lines challenge. I hope this 100-worder is as hopeful to you as I felt in its writing. Happy October 2016, all.

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