Creating the First Creation


This weekend I finally started getting rid of some of my late Mom’s stuff. I found a few things in what my mom kept of my past. My LOOOOOONG ago past. It appears I did not write my first poem in 2008 or so. My first swing at creating what might be verse was in 2nd or 3rd Grade.

And, true to your present-day poet guy, this piece plays with rhyme the way a cat does a mouse, batting it around before knocking it off altogether. Plus has an abrupt, though so-Joe Hesch ending

Apparently I had to write about Creation:

First light was made.
Second sky and sea.
Third dry land and plant life all.
Fourth sun and moon and stars of light.
Fifth fishes and birds oh so bright.
Sixth beasts of earth and creeping things.
Seventh ….

I guess both creators rested on #7


2 thoughts on “Creating the First Creation

  1. This is cute (I was going to say adorable, but guys don’t like that word), smart and sounds just like your poetry now. Of course, your poetry now is more advanced, but still. I wrote my first official poem in 7th grade English. I had a horrible crush on a guy and the poem was really about his eyes, but I cleverly disguised the poem as an ode to eyes in general. Still makes me blush to remember how goofy I was. Memories are awesome! Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. I find it fun to think about how the more stable parts of our personalities are evident in early childhood. Unfortunately, my mother hadn’t saved anything of mine from school – I had to rescue a box of photos of grandparents and great grandparents before she trashed them. But I do have fun connecting memories of childhood with the aging me. Amnesia must be so painful as we loose our selves.

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