Oh Me, Oh My, Oh We

Oh, sun, I remember when
I could feel your touch
soft on my cheek, a cosmic kiss,
a whisper without breath,
an embrace with no one to hold.
Oh, moon, I remember how
you would reveal the hidden
when sun went to her rest,
yet I could not and needed you
to show what in shadow lurked.
Oh rain, do you recall how
we’d roam the streets together
clearing the air, our path,
my mind, leaving a shine upon
all I could see and feel
Within and Without me?
Oh wind, when you had my back
I could race the clouds,
snatch leaves from your grasp,
feel you fill my lungs with
the taste of blood and steel
Oh Life, how did I lose Us?
Did wind blow the rain clouds
to smother sun, to blanket moon,
to blind me to your glory?
Or did I misplace myself just living?


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