Like Rain on the Red Maple

Raindrops trampoline
down the red maple
one springy purple leaf
to another until
coming to rest
in the sand-bound grass.
While the rain sinking
through the ground
to its roots literally
brings it life,
its acrobatics upon
the maple’s leaves
bring it to life.
Perhaps that’s what
life’s woes do to us,
falling upon us and
rattling down our spirits
until they drop us
to our knees.
What if we’re more
like that tree,
standing tall and
resilient, knowing
woes are part of living.
We can repel them,
not only surviving
but perhaps emerging
with spirits full of life.

Today’s right-out-of-bed on a rainy morning poem.

2 thoughts on “Like Rain on the Red Maple

  1. Aww. this poem was so nice. I loved the descriptions. It was a very well written poem the way of writing the poem is so eloquent. wonderful write! 5/5
    I’ll be grateful if you check out some of my works too 🙂

  2. Love the multi colours and variants of Acers, used to walk around garden centres and drool over them. The reds are best though. 🙂

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