Relentless on Relentless

The hurt never stops, it keeps
its place in front of me,
no matter which way I turn.
Shadows lie behind my own shield,
using it to blind me, to hide themselves,
and keep the hurt coming.
That’s how this kind ticks,
fearful that others will see their tricks,
recognize their true selves
even as I struggle on.
I know my time is growing short,
but I’ll accept the wounds,
content in the belief the pain
could last only a few heartbeats more.
And not caring if it doesn’t.

I’m no coward, it’s always the dark
and desperate road I’ve traveled,
and it’s love’s light that guides me
even as the shadowy ones try keeping
truest love ever out of reach.
They may believe using my
own shield will keep me at bay
and wear me down. But Duty is my armor,
Truth my sword, and I’m willing
to fight through anything
to wrest that shield away
or be carried off the field on it.
Until one or the other happens,
know this, I’ll never stop coming.

My Day 3 PAD effort based on the Two for Tuesday prompt words Stop/Don’t Stop.

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