Fallen Upon This Deaf Ear

Fine, you don’t have to talk to me.
Show me the palm of your hand
and push me away. Your message
has always been clearer that way.
If we were to sit side by side,
face to face, I would only misconstrue
whatever flimsy bond of you and me
I could dream actually existing.
But I do long to feel your words
buffeting me like winds, freezing
and teasing, scolding and caressing,
their temperature and velocity
more important than their meaning.
They bump up against me and fall away
so that I must imagine their substance
and insinuation. But to not feel them
at all has left me voiceless,
spitting senseless utterances into a gale
where they become as lost as I am
perched here waiting to sense your meaning
if only you would speak to me once more.
Yes, I am the deaf ear to your words,
and it is I who will fall without them.

I am constantly coming closer to feeling I cannot make these clusters of words have any real meaning anymore. Be they poem or story, they lack the power, beauty and emotion of what I wrote even a couple of years ago, as far as I can tell. Maybe my misery has changed, beaten down by the silence I feel between me and the ones who fueled my creative flame. I would reach out for their words, kind or otherwise, but I’d only drop them before they reached the forge where I’d form them into something solid and shining. So you get rusty ore in this poem based on metaphor, the theme on this 15th day of April upon which I should be writing something better resembling poetry.

6 thoughts on “Fallen Upon This Deaf Ear

  1. Friend, we all share this space with you at one time or another. Life is fickle. The public is fickle. This screen is fickle! Your words wrenched my heart. I am one soul worth the world, and you spoke to me. Does that mean anything?

  2. Ah, my friend, your writing is always worthy of reading, whether in cryptic metaphor or otherwise. Don’t ever sell yourself short, Joe. I am out here reading everything you share. If I don’t comment, shame on me, but you have always been one of my favorites, and your writing has gotten me through some tough days. I think it is you ,my friend,that worries too much about the quality, because I find it is just fine!

  3. No, you must continue. Your writing has a way of showing the frailty of human nature, it takes a lot of courage to demonstrate that. Plus, when I read your words, it reminds me that I would still like to do some writing of my own, good role models are required. 🙂

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