Silver Thread

Sometimes I think I can see
each silver thread that surely
salts the darkness of your hair.
I surrendered to the silver
years ago. You touched it
with surprise and maybe wonder,
but never did see the value in it.
I’ve come to see that these threads
of silver as illuminating
the tapestry of our times here,
the life, loves, triumphs
and failures we have brought
upon ourselves and others.
And endured.
I’ve the most treasure
stitched into my time-worn arras
concealing the truth of
our history. While I never
touched your silver threads,
I probably gave some to you

After spending five days on the road to and from North Carolina, to enjoy the opportunity to play with my littlest granddaughter, I have a lot of poems to make up for the Poem A Day Challenge. So here’s the belated Day #19 poem based on the prompt of using the title (My Choice) Thread. I wrote it immediately after crawling out of bed after making that 700-mile drive home last night. So bear with me if it’s as wonky as a road-weary rambler can ramble.

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