Feathers in the Grass

Whenever feathers lying in the grass I spy
they remind me of my dwindling days.
For all too soon I too could fall and die
and how would you know I passed though this maze?
Each quill is the scar of a leaving behind,
the remnant of some bird’s flying away.
And when I find one I hope Life may be so kind
that you might find mine when I fly one day.
So I leave these feathers of a heart taken wing
and a soul that never found a nest.
They’re dipped in black and songs they sing,
so you might know my soul’s finally at rest.

I said goodbye to my oldest and best friend today. And on top of everything else going on in my little life, it’s left me shattered. But it reminded me that anyone’s time could come in the next week, day, hour, or minute. And in those seconds, however many we’re gifted, I hope we can leave something behind (doesn’t have to be a silly poem) for our friends to remember us. Maybe just to let them know in some way you loved them. BTW, love you. 

Photo © Joseph Hesch, 2017

2 thoughts on “Feathers in the Grass

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss Joe. I honestly can’t imagine losing my best friend, Becky. I love your little poem, as you called it. Very befitting. I don’t know all what is happening in your life, but know this. Life is a constant cycle of ups and downs. You may be in the “down” position now, but that means you are headed for a very real “up” position. You are such a blessing to so many with your words, including me. I think, perhaps, your words will be your feather that you leave behind. Love you! (Oh, btw, this is Elaine Wood-Lane. My full real name is Doris Elaine Wood-Lane.)

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