Sometimes I forget what it’s like
to feel your warmth on my skin.
Or even through my clothes.
Closeness is not my strong suit.
I can’t even get close to
my own feelings for anyone,
let alone feeling yours.
I am numb to so much.
But then, I understand why
you would choose to keep
your distance from me.
How can anyone wish to be close
to someone who cannot feel
what they wish to share?
So that leaves me all alone
again, numb yet somehow
accepting of something
I probably never felt anyway.
But then why does it hurt so?

3 thoughts on “Numb

    • Thank you, Jamie. I just sit down and start writing, not knowing where I’m going and trusting it’ll be somewhere worthwhile when I get there. But, as I’ve said a lot lately, I experience some of my best feelings in life while I am on that 20-minute or hour journey. It’s when I’m done that I realize I’m back in the world and longing to escape into the process again. If that makes sense. Blessings to you, my friend.

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