Another Day Without a Name

It’s another day which might
as well not have a name.
Each of these expanses of light
compared to the next looks the same.
They’re just a period of hazy
darkness on the way toward night.
And night’s a chance to escape
what I cannot face come the light.

But even abed I see too much, of what
my mind uses to break my heart.
When sleep finally comes, it lasts but
a moment before dawn’s new sadness will start.
And so I move through day and night,
all the same save when an owl might shout Hoo.
Life’s an empty space in which I grope
with no one to hold my hand without you.

2 thoughts on “Another Day Without a Name

  1. In this state of emptiness, an eternity of darkness seeps into the rivers our soul. It knows not the minute, the hour or the day… How lost we become when the mind subdued the heart ~*~

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