Listening to Music Alone in the Dark

Was it really that long ago,
when the music washed over us
like a warm breeze off the ocean?
There in the dark I closed my eyes
so imaginary sand wouldn’t seep into them
and tears would not weep out.
Is it really so long ago that you
“wow’d” and wondered how I knew
so much about this and that,
and nothing about you and I?
I stopped wondering long ago,
after I “why’d” and answered
my own question. I still sit
in the dark and let the music
wash over me, but now with
eyes open and imagination shut.

One thought on “Listening to Music Alone in the Dark

  1. This is beautiful. Your free verse really sings so sweetly to the heart.

    I believe I have the sister rhyming version to your lovely poem:

    I miss you so much,
    So much that it hurts,
    The way that you spilled
    On all of your shirts.
    You sang all day long
    But never in tune;
    You stayed up all night
    And woke up at noon.
    I still hear your voice
    And call out your name
    Whenever I watch
    A TV show game,
    But you’re never there
    When I turn my head;
    I’m shocked and recall
    That you have now fled
    And gone to a place
    I wish I could see,
    But still I can feel
    Your spirit with me.
    Wherever I go,
    I feel something there,
    A whisper of you
    Infusing the air;
    A world without you,
    Is there such a thing?
    Inside of my soul
    I still hear you sing.

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