Or Sigh Again

Every now and then
a face appears to me.
It doesn’t look like that today.
Perhaps it didn’t when I
first sighed at it.
Back then, the connection
between my eyes and the factual part
of my brain sometimes took
the long way through the dust
I kicked up in my heart
and imagination.
In fogs and mirages,
boiled up by sunny hope
to a rose-colored tint,
that face traveled beside me.
I’m just as sure mine
doesn’t engender such reveries,
except occasionally what you see
of me between the title and
a final dot or squiggle
signaling you can breathe now.
Or sigh again.

One thought on “Or Sigh Again

  1. There is something I really like about this one – maybe how you chose and used words, maybe the tempo. I’m not sure what it is that I like, but I know I do. Sigh.

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